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 Served Weekdays 12 – 3pm 

Fried cajun chicken goujons w/ fries & BBQ Chipotle dip         £8.50

Thai-style cod & minted pea fish cakes w/ fries,                      £8.50
                       lime & sweet chilli dip

Linguine w/ chilli garlic prawns & white wine sauce                £8.50

Smoked chicken Caesar salad w/ croutons & soft                   £8.95

     boiled egg  (vo, gfo)

Fish Finger sandwich w/ mixed leaves & tartare sauce             £6.95

Spicy teriyaki chicken wings w/ slaw & mixed leaves (gfo)        £7.90

Cumberland sausage sandwich w/ melted cheddar & onion     £7.95

Grilled Halloumi on toast w/ guacamole & confit                       £7.90

     tomato (v,vgo)

Grilled Steak sandwich w/ melted cheddar & onion                  £8.95

Kennington BLT: Streaky bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo            £6.95

v=vegetarian   vg=vegan    vgo=vegan option    gfo=gluten free option



Our kitchen may contain traces of multiple allergens. If you have an
  allergy or intolerance please inform a member of staff before you order



  Served Weekdays & Saturdays 12 – 3pm 

Small Plates / To Share

Homemade Soup of the Day, with toasted bread (v,vg,gfo)               £5.9

Crispy salt & smoked paprika calamari                                            £7.9

     w/ mixed leaves & lemon aioli dip

Fried Cajun chicken goujons w/ mixed leaves & BBQ Chipotle di     £7.9

Flamed semi-cured Chorizo w/ Pedro Jimenez shallots,                   £8.5

    cherry tomatoes & garlic bread (gfo)

Thai-style cod & minted pea fish cakes w/ mixed leaves,                 £7.9
   lime & sweet chilli dip

Barbeque-glazed baby Chipolatas (gfo)                                           £7,9

Spicy teriyaki chicken wings w/ slaw & mixed leaves (gfo)                £7.9

Grilled Halloumi, sundried tomato, olive & quinoa salad                    £7.9

    w/ honey & mustard dressing (v,gfo)

Hummus w/ paprika oil & pitta (n,v)                                                  £6.9



All served in a toasted bun w/ hand cut chips, baby gem,
                  tomato, gherkin, tomato relish & mayo (except vegan).

       Add bacon £1.5 / avocado £1.9 / sweet potato fries £1.5


The Kennington Cheeseburger (gfo)                                                £14.9


Lemon Cajun Chicken Breast Burger (gfo)                                        £14.9


Black bean, sweet potato, oat & quinoa Vegan burger                       £14.9
   w/ spicy red onion & coriander chutney (v,vg,gfo)



Fish of the Day (see specials blackboard) (gfo)

Smoked chicken Caesar salad w/ avocado, crispy bacon, shaved                                  £15.9
   parmesan, croutons, anchovies & soft-boiled egg (vo, gfo)

Franconian spiced pork sausage & mash w/onion gravy & crispy parsnips                    £15.9

Franconian Vegan sausage & olive oil mash w/onion gravy & crispy parsnips (vg, gfo)   £15.9

Thai red curry w/ bok choi & jasmine rice (v, gfo)                                                          £11.9

                                        (add chicken +£4 / tiger prawns +£5)                                                    

Chef’s Homemade Pie of The Day w/ seasonal vegetables (see specials blackboard      £15.5

Chargrilled 8oz Sirloin steak w/ roasted mushroom, grilled tomato,                                 £23.5

     peppercorn sauce & hand cut chips (gfo)

Crispy beer battered hake & chips, crushed mint peas, tartare sauce                            £14.5

Sage & Butternut squash Tortelloni w/ parmesan butter & salad leaves (v)                    £14.9

Rare Onglet steak salad w/ blue cheese & balsamic reduction                                      £16.9

Grilled halloumi, sundried tomato, olive, quinoa & avocado salad                                   £12.9

     w/ honey & mustard dressing (v,gfo)



Hand Cut Chips        French Fries     Mashed Potato     Coleslaw                     £3.9 

Grilled Halloumi        Bread Basket            Chargrilled Vegetables                            £4.5         

Mixed Side Salad                           Sweet Potato Fries                                    £4.9



Traditional Banana & Caramel Banoffee Pie                                   £7.5

Sticky Toffee Pudding with honeycomb ice-cream                         £7.5

Chocolate Brownie w/ clotted cream & berry compote (gf)             £7.5

Apple, Pear & Cinnamon Oat Crumble w/ vanilla custard (gf)           £7.5


Selection of Jude’s ice-creams, sorbets & vegan ice-creams            £7.5


British Artisanal cheese board, chutney, grapes & crackers              £9.5

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